Our Story

Lupita’s Cleaning Svcs was founded in the year 2000 by Maria Guadalupe G. Ramirez by that time it was only 1 team member, by the nickname of Lupita. She started cleaning apartments in Tucson, AZ, in a short period of time, her exceptional hard work and integrity was rapidly noticed by the apartment complex management, being requested more often to handle cleaning tasks.

Lupita was found in the need of building a small crew to manage the load of work, Lupita started gaining reputation in the cleaning industry which led her to a continiuos growth to what we now know as Lupita’s Cleaning Svcs.

Lupita passed to her employees her core values and work ethics, this being one of the key factors of Lupita’s Success over two decades. Lupita’s Cleaning Svcs still being operated by Lupita, but recently a new key member was added to the company; her son, bringing new and fresh ideas to expand busines.

The vision is to combine Lupita’s experience and the new generation of leadership aspirations in this modern time, with the goal to be one of the leading cleaning company is southern Arizona.


Lupita's Cleaning Svcs Core Values

We live and work by them everyday

  • Always do what’s right
  • Accountability to commitments
  • Total customer satisfaction
  • honesty, integrity and hard work
  • always go the extra mile
  • customer retention
  • professionalism

Our Mission

It’s been our commitment over two decades to provide an immaculate cleaning services for residential and commercial clients. We will keep expanding our business always utilizing the most updated cleaning methods, equipment and products in the marketplace. our mission is to lead the cleaning service industry in southern Arizona.


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