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Commercial Cleaning Service

We care about your needs

In Lupita’s Cleaning Svcs we know and understand the importance of working in a clean and healthy environment. 

All of our staff take pride of the cleaning tasks that we perform for our clients, always followed by a strict supervision to ensure the quality of work and customer satisfaction.

We value our customers 

20 Years of service is what’s behind Lupita’s Cleaning Svcs, during this time we have learned that every customer have their specific needs and we always adapt to their work system.

Residential Cleaning Service

why us
Why we are a good fit for you...

In Lupita’s Cleaning Svcs our biggest goal is to build a strong business relationship with our clients and stay as your number one choice.

20 years in the industry of cleaning is what’s behind Lupita’s Cleaning Svcs, we have worked with corporations and residential clients along the way, always meeting and exceeding expectations.

We work with our clients 1 on 1 in order to make communication easy and convenient. always adapting to our client’s systems and needs.

We treat our clients the same way we would like to be treated, always with respect and honesty, in Lupita’s Cleaning Svcs we believe this is the best way to build long-term business relationships. This Philosophy has been passed to our staff members through all this years.

Our clients are our number one priority, we always do our best to deliver the best service and attention to meet their specific needs. Let’s put it this way, Our clients are Lupita’s Cleaning Svcs.


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